DWTS season 20: week 9

Semi finals

Rumer. Very good Viennese Waltz. I agree with the scores.

Noah. It was awkward in hold and Sharna danced around him a lot. Too high for me. I had a feeling he was going to propose before he got down on his knee.

Riker. I felt that was a lot of spinning and flipping Alison. He didn't quite match her on the side by side moves. Too high for me.

Nastia. I liked it but I don't think her head was to the left at all during the dance. It was either straight or right. I liked her dress too. I guess I'll give her the scores.

I love good pro dances.

Judges choice. A lot more involved than usual.

Rumer. Swan lake Bruno? Really? It somehow worked. I agree with the scores. Too high.

Noah. I felt he got lost. The other men could produce higher quality movement.

Riker. I felt he could've done more. A few places felt his footwork was too small. Too high.

Nastia. Cute. A little repetitive with the choreography though. I guess I'll give them the scores.

Scoring was moot on that round.

Noah should be going home.


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