SFS2015 - May

Month: May
Spent: 43.67+$50 gift card
Earned: 27.56

I finished a page on In the Garden and finally get to count Peacocks.

I also started Sleepy Hollow.

And in non-cross stitch projects, I finished the following.


I know the shirt doesn't look finished, but I did it right before writing this post and don't have a picture of it.

And now, there's the stash. Top yarns are for an afghan for a friend. The next is my ordered yarn, and the 3rd picture are ones that came with that order which I can only assume were free gifts.

And then there were the sales. I refrained from ABC Stitch's 20% off sale, but caved at Herrshners which had certain kits priced at 19.99 or lower. Making one I had been eyeing, 50% off.
Then this cutie pillow.
And these two ornaments.
I also took advantage of Joann's Memorial Day sale along with a gift card to acquire stash. Sewing patterns, some fabric (including a leopard print), lots of DMC (not pictured) and two patterns. The gift card covered the cross-stitch portion of the stash.

Wizard by Design Works.

And Dragon Circle.
Good thing only cross-stitch stash counts for this challenge.


  1. Sleepy hollow looks so fun, I love the fabric you're using.

    1. Thanks. It's called Haunted by Picture This Plus.


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