Dwts season 20: week 8

Noah. Unfortunately Tango is supposed to be danced with bent knees. It looked awkward. Little too high for me.

Chris. He did almost nothing except lift her. Way too high.

Riker. A little too strong on the downbeat. He seemed to be on the edge of control with his feet. 

Robert. He did a bit more then Chris but not much. Too high.

Nastia. The passion came and went for me. Too much static posing. I agree with the scores.

Rumer. Feet could have been cleaner by brushing through the ankles. I agree with the scores.

Trio round.

Noah. He kind of stayed in one place. Too high.

Chris. It felt like paso by the numbers. Not good. Too high.

Riker. That was interesting. Not really my style. I'll give him the scores.

Robert. That wasn't good. Bad bounce, messed up footwork, and way too many other things. Way too high.

Nastia. Clever. A few places could have been cleaner. Tiny bit high but I'll give her the scores.

Rumer. Best paso of the night. Very few pauses. I agree with the scores. 

Robert and Chris need to go home. Noah isn't up to continuing either.


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