DWTS Season 22: Week 3

Grab the tissues.

Ginger. It was cute. A bit staccato. I'll give her the scores.

Doug. Footwork was atrocious and overall jerky. Good partnering though. Too high.

Kim. Not bad. Frame could be better but the foxtrot was just above walking through it. A little high for me.

Von. Meh. Not very fluid, a bit dance by numbers. Too high.

Marla. Hello Stamford DWM. Footwork was muddy. Kicks and flicks needed to be sharper. A little high but I'll give it to her.

Antonio. He kept rushing a bit. Other parts were too sharp. I saw hopping. Overall it was inconsistent but nothing was excellent. Too high.

Paige. I liked it. It did deviate from paso from it worked for her. I agree with the scores.

Jodie. Probably should've been a contemporary piece rather than a foxtrot. But it was good. Her head was in the correct position for a while. I agree with the scores.

Mischa. I don't think I would've known it was samba without the little tag. She may have been having more fun but it was still bad. Too high.

Wanya. I liked it. A few times he looked bow legged though. Knees aren't supposed to stay bent. Some rise and fall may have been missing. I agree with the scores.

Nyle. He looked to be leaning forward. It was sharp. Music was a bit odd. Don't agree with the 9.

Bye bye Mischa.


  1. I have a soft spot for Doug Flutie, so I hope he hangs on a little longer.


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