DWTS Season 22: Week 6

Cute opening

Kim. Entertaining but the flicks were out rather than down (on purpose?)  She was overshadowed by everyone else around her. Too high for me.

Von. He didn't own the dance. He didn't feel like he went all out. Too high for me.

Jodie. It was mostly lifts and not much dancing. Bit the emotion was there. 8s maybe, not a 9.

Paige. Cute. Very groovy baby. I agree with the scores.

Nyle. I liked it. Better than the previous Quickstep to that song... *cough*  a few timing issues and he could've had a better frame. He wasn't standing up straight. I'll give him the scores.

Ginger. Hehe. Sharp and precise. Didn't get swallowed by the pros. I'll give her the scores. Maybe a little low.

Doug. Clearly could tell the difference between him and the pros. Too high.

Wanya. What can I say? He's good. I agree with the scores.

Antonio. His footwork was sloppy, especially at the end. Too high for me.

And we say goodbye to Doug. Finally.

Although why was Paige in jeopardy? Other than for dramatic tension by the producers.


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