DWTS Season 22: Week 4

Disney night, happiest night of the season.

Antonio. Cute. But still felt a bit dance by numbers. It could've been a smoother jazz. Too high.

Marla. The arrangement of the song had me distracted. It was hard to hear the timing. A few odd parts. I'll give her the scores.

Nyle. Cute and fun. Technique was rough, but most samba's are. I'll give him the scores, but a little high.

Doug. He couldn't keep up with Karina or the choreography. Too high.

Kim. I liked it but for some reason I found her shoes distracting because they were so thick. I'll give her the scores.

Jodie. Needed more hips and to straighten her legs. A few mistakes. I'll give her the scores.

Von. Not bad. Much better for him. Pretty basic but this dance is supposed to be. I'll give him the scores.

Ginger. I think that was my favorite dance so far. I agree with the scores.

Wayna. Techno remix? Promenade runs looked a bit funky. Pretty good elsewhere. I agree with the scores.

Paige. Cute, but they broke hold. Frame could've been tighter, I saw daylight between the hips. Cute shoes. I agree with the scores.

And going home is Marla. While not the worst, I didn't see her lasting much longer.


  1. I thought Doug would go home. Loved the show as a whole, I love Disney.


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