DWTS Season 22: week 10 night 2

It's the final night of season 22. All the stars are back (good and bad)

Good opening, but who messed up the hike? Doug or Karina?

Kim. She performs, but you can tell the difference between her and the pros very easily.

Paige. Still a good dance.

I love Kenny when he's not dancing.

And Doug is still bad just based on that 30 second exit to break.

Nyle. Still had a few things wrong with technique.

Love bloopers.

Why was one member of fifth harmony wearing a white jumpsuit while the others had silver dresses?

Nice save with the towel.

Ginger. Also still a good dance.

Antonio. Still a cute routine, but still not a fan of his dancing.

Yay Maks! And Val!

Jodie. Good routine.

And the game show was stupid.

A Viennese waltz done on a tiny stage, not easy.

Wayna. He should've been in the finals. But I still am irked by that leg position he always has.

Ah, gorgeous men dancing around.

Not my favorite Pitbull song.

Cute group dance (with the crab) and good for hiding the worst of the stars.

24 hour fusion dance round (seriously?)

Ginger. Argentine tango/foxtrot. Lost a connection but she just made something up until they could get back into the routine. I agree with the scores.

Nyle. Cha cha/tango. His legs were all over the place during the cha cha. He did better during the tango. Too high for me.

Paige. Jive/salsa. Cute. Her beginning jive had a bit bent/wide stance. Could've used more hips during some of the salsa. I'll give her the scores.

And in 3rd place: Ginger.

And the winner is: Nyle.

I thought Paige was the better dancer but I can understand why Nyle won.


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