DWTS Season 22: week 10 night 1

Here we are at the finale. Tomorrow night, we'll have a new champion.
Redemption round

Ginger. I liked it. It felt a little held back, but given her injury I'm not surprised. I agree with the scores.

Nyle. It looked a bit frantic at times and too much side shuffling/cantering. Too high for me.

Paige. Fun. Sharp and a fair amount of basic footwork. It didn't rely on lifts. But she didn't have a lot of hip action. I'll agree with the scores.

Freestyle round.

Ginger. Cute. I like that song. I felt they could have done a bit more at the beginning. I'll give them the scores.

Nyle. It was good but I saw a few times out of sync. Apparently I don't get emotionally involved in his dances. A little high for me.

Paige. I liked this one better than Nyle's. Maybe it was the song. I agree with the scores.


  1. Kinda sounds like you think Paige may be the best dancer???


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