DWTS Season 22: Week 7

Icons night

Jodie. Not bad. But he looked to be pulling her around the floor. Her butt was sticking out a bit, may have been corrected if their hips were connected. 8s yes, 9s no.

Kim. That song is not a samba. No bounce, no hips. Her knees were straight the entire time. The judges are being too nice. Methinks she's going home. Way too high.

Nyle. I liked it, but there were a few things off about his frame. That song wasn't a foxtrot. Wouldn't call it a 10.

Antonio. His butt was out and he was leaning forward the entire time. Messed up a bit. I liked the choreography. Too high for me.

Wanya. That was good. A few times he looked bow legged. I agree with the scores.

Ginger. A very pretty Viennese waltz with contact at the hips in hold. I agree with the scores.

Von. Eh. Song didn't help me envision salsa. The salsa part was very basic. No hips and footwork was iffy. Little too high.

Paige. I liked it. A little too much Tina and not enough jive though. Her feet had a little trouble keeping up at times. I agree with the scores.

Team dance round

Team James Brown. Interesting. But Von and Antonio can go home soon. Not a 10.

Team Beyonce. More costume changes. Kim was the weakest of the group. A little low.

And we lose Kim and Von. I agree.


  1. You and I were on the same wave length. I thought "Paint It, Black" was a bad choice for a tango! Who knew how much worse it would get after that? The Jackson 5's "ABC" as a samba? Elvis for a salsa?? It was definitely a night to use the mute button. Interesting that when Nyle was front and center during the team dance, and went off tempo a little, they all followed suit. That was a courageous decision to have him in the middle instead of off to the side.


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