DWTS Season 23: Week 1

Cool opening.

I love Tom. Who needs a teleprompter.

Marilu. That was much more careful than I was expecting from her. Hid the lack of movement by dancing on a box. She's excited about 7s? I guess I'll the her the score. The rest of the night will price if that was high or low.

James. Better than I thought he'd be. Stance looked a bit wide. Room to improve. We'll see how he does with Latin. I'll give him the scores but a tiny bit high?

Calvin. Not bad. Technique wasn't good. But it was fun. A little high?

Maureen. A little staccato with her arms. They stayed in hold which helped her keep up and on time. She may have trouble with Latin. I stunt think she was that much wise than Marilu.

Babyface. He didn't really do much foxtrot. She danced around him the entire time. Too high.

Amber. Not bad. Stepped through most of it. Frame/ posture needs work. I agree with the scores.

Vanilla ice. Very little cha cha. Mostly hip hop. Cha cha was bad. Too high.

Jana. Well that was a sexy Viennese waltz. She has potential to stick around for a bit. I'll give her the scores.

Jake. Not bad. Kicks and flicks could've been a bit better. A little flat foot most other places. I guess I'll give him the scores.

Rick. Um, no. First completely horrible person so far. Too high.

Terra. She performed. She had the same problems as most other people with the jive. I'll give her the scores.

Ryan. Better than I thought. Not as smooth as foxtrot requires. Apparently someone really hated it/him. Too high for me.

Laurie. Woo hoo a cha cha! Fast and sharp. I agree with the scores. 

So Rick and Ryan can go home soon for me. I'm rooting for Laurie at this point for the win.


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