DWTS Season 23: Week 2

Tv week!

Maureen. It was a little too bouncy for a Quickstep. It needed to move more. Needed to be closer in hold, too upright and far apart in the hips. I think she got off time right before the pose. I'll give her the scores, performance was better than last week.

Jana. She looked uncomfortable. Felt too high, tango should be low with bent knees. He was pulling her through the routine. A little high.

Rick. Stiff and hoppy, didn't travel. Too high.

Calvin. The height difference makes moving a bit difficult as she can't match his stride. But he wasn't too bad. Smooth but would've liked him to use those long legs. I'll give him the scores. Urkel!

Amber. That didn't look much like a Viennese. It felt small. I agree with the scores.

Jake. It was sharp. Not too bad with the new yorkers. But they got off time and missed a few connections. I agree with the scores.

Vanilla ice. Cute. Walked through it a bit. Had some smooth parts but inconsistent. Don't know if I'd give it 7s.

Terra. It was better than the jive. But I could see Sasha having to take smaller steps than he's used to. I don't know if it was 8s.

Babyface. More steps than last week but took a while to get them in. I'll give him the scores.

Laurie. Val as scrooge is funny. Good jive. Kicks and flicks were a little off, possibly because of the shoes. I agree with the scores.

James. Not bad. Went a bit in and out for me. He was vertical at times which took away from the paso for me. I agree with the 7s.

Marilu. Odd music for a foxtrot. It was danced well. This is what I was expecting from her. I agree with the scores.

Ryan. Eh. Wasn't wowed by it. Probably a good thing to have something upbeat and silly this week. Too high for me. 

Rick can go home tomorrow. Followed by Ryan.


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