Dancing with the Stars season 16: week 1

Welcome back to the ballroom. Tonight we have cha cha, foxtrot, and contemporary?

Kellie. There really wasn't a lot of content. Lots of grapevines but only a tiny but of basic near the end. I like the dress. The scores are too high for lack of content.

Victor. Not bad, but he wasn't smooth with the rise and fall but he didn't look heavy on his feet. Lindsay danced around him a bit. He was better than I thought he'd be. I'll agree with the scores.

Ingo. Lots of lifts. But why is contemporary in a ballroom competition? I guess I'll give them the scores.

Lisa. I like Gleb's choreography, but he was dragging her through the dance. She was off balance at times and she was heavy in her feet. Her frame sucked. A little high.

DL. That was bad. No hips, barely moved his feet. I like Cheryl's dress without the fringe on the shoulders. 4's? That's the lowest I've seen in a while, season 15 excluded.

Zendaya. I liked it. But yellow shoes with blue striped socks Val? Really? I liked the little bit of waltz at the end. I'll agree with the scores.

Sean. He looks disjointed. Upper didn't match lower. I'll agree with the scores, but maybe a little high.

Ali. Like Kellie, not much actual cha cha, but there was just a tad more. They stayed in one place too much. Scored equal to Kellie. I'll take it.

Dorothy. It was pretty. But zendaya had the better contemporary. I'll agree with the scores.

Wynonna. Oh look, an actual cha cha. She needs a lot of work, her upper body didn't move nor her hips. It was careful. Scores are a little low.

Andy. A lot better than I thought he'd be. He was waking through the dance but it was entertaining. I'll agree with the scores.

Jacoby. His knees were bent the entire dance. Too high.

Well, I think DL is going home next week. There are several potential finalists, but no ones running away with the mirror ball just yet.


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