DWTS season 16: week 2 performances

It's week two and someone is going home tomorrow night. Tonight it's quickstep, jive, or jazz. do we really need the new styles? And what dances are they not performing?

Ingo. He didn't look comfortable during this dance. He leaned forward too much at times, almost as if Kym was too short for him. I'll agree with the scores, but we'll see how this holds up in comparison to the rest of the night.

Dorothy. She had the attitude for the jive, but her feet were horrible. I know the reason for it, but it was bad. It's also hard to dance ballroom in flats because you are supposed to be forward over your toes. The heels almost never touch the ground in jive. I'll agree with the scores.

Jacoby. Well, he stood up straighter then last week and it was a cute routine. But Karina was out dancing him a bit. it had a bit of a lindy hop feel to it. I guess I'll agree with the scores.

Victor. I love this song, probably my favorite jive at the moment. His footwork was pretty bad. He looked like he lost time a bit and the kicks and flicks were more like partway rockette kicks. He was performing it, but technically bad. I'll adhere with the scores as it was better than dorothy's.

Wynonna. Her body really doesn't move between her neck and her hips. It didn't have enough energy for a quickstep. Too careful as it was last week. I agree with the scores, but maybe a tiny bit too high.

Zendaya. That's a jive. Could be sharper with the kicks and bring her feet together in the chasses. Looks like she got comfortable in the heels. I like her dress. I'll agree with the scores.

Andy. Okay... Parts were good, others were... Moving on... I can't even give an opinion on the scores.
Sean. he didn't point his toes for the kicks. Was a lack of coordination with his arms the reason they were behind his back during most of the dance? I'll agree with the scores.

Ali. It was good. She stayed in her frame well but her chin should have been pointed to the ceiling more. I'm surprised they weren't called for the lift/jump. I'll agree with the scores.

Lisa. She walked through it and he pulled her through certain parts. Again. I'll agree with the scores.
DL. It was better then last week but his framed sucked. His butt stuck out. Some of the footwork was a little lackluster. I'll agree with the scores.

Kellie. She's flexible, I'll give her that. Much better choreography than last week. Looked like something that would be on SYTYCD. I'll sheer with the scores.

So far this season the judges seem to be scoring them what they deserve. DL is most likely going home. Other possibilities, Lisa, Andy, or Victor. I'd say Wynonna but her fan base may be large enough to keep her around for longer than she may deserve.


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