Spring break started

But it snowed all day yesterday. Some start to a 'spring break'. And the day before St. Patrick's Day and there's no green in sight. It's a little better now, but it's still only 35 outside.

I'm 2/3 done with page 3 of In the Garden. Should have it done and possibly page 4 by the end of the week. It depends on how long my After Effects homework takes me.

Despite yesterday's snow, I went to a local yarn shop and bought some yarn to make two summer items. A halter and a tank. The yarn on the left is for the tank top and is a cotton/bamboo blend (990 yds). The green and white are cotton and will be for the halter. Next step is to make center pull balls out of them before starting the projects. I also don't have the recommended size hooks, but I have the one equivalent size in steel. I'll pick them up sometime this week.


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