DWTS season 16: week 4

I wasn't expecting Wynonna to go home last week. Either her fan base was smaller than I had assumed, or they were smart enough to not make her continue her misery.

Sean. The fog obscured his footwork a lot, which in his case is a good thing. I felt as if he was blank in expression. And he really doesn't know what to do with his arms when there has no specific choreography. I think the scores were a little high.

Victor. He didn't dance it as aggressively as he could. His legs felt lackluster when he did remember the steps. The rhythm of the song didn't help with the Paso feel. Scores are a bit high but I'll allow it.

Jacoby. Not bad. The song being odd for a foxtrot was distracting for me. I'll agree with the scores.

Ali. I didn't get enough emotion from her. I was eh about it. Scores were too high for what I saw.

Andy. They kept it simple and that was his best dance. His footwork wasn't bad in hold, out of hold, a little awkward. I like her dress. I'll agree with the scores.

Zendaya. The song is just barely a samba. As for the dancing, that was one of the better sambas I've seen on the show. Could have been a bit more bounce and the black pants hid her hip movement so I can't comment on it. Should have been at least as high as Jacoby.

Ingo. Pretty good. Enjoyable. There wasn't really anything wrong but it wasn't fantastic either. I'll agree with the scores.

DL. He walked through what little foxtrot he did. Cheryl danced around him, and he was not smooth. I like Cheryl's dress. Too high.

Kellie. It was pretty, but she stopped her moment. You have to continue to move through the pause even if your feet don't move. Not much hip movement either. A little too high.

Lisa. Her lock steps suck as most celebrities' do. She looked lost in the choreography. Too careful in her dancing. She didn't do her dress justice. Maybe a little high.

Lisa could be going home tomorrow.


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