DWTS season 16: week 5

I love pro numbers. Tonight's format makes it easy to compare how the celebrities should be doing things.

Ingo. His feet were sloppy and he got a bit lost during some of the side by side. His foot placement was strange during the lock steps. Kym's dress is interesting. I guess I'll agree with the scores, bit may be a little high depending on the rest of the competition.

Jacoby. He stepped through the dance. There was no bounce in the flicks and kicks and his feet were flexed. The performance was good. I don't know if it deserved 9's.

Victor. He gets pigeon toed at times. And at one point he seemed to be rushing through it. It wasn't bad, but it was an improvement over his paso. I'll give him the scores.

Ali. The choreography avoided a lot of moves that required the bounce. It just felt off from a samba. Too high. That was not a 9.

Sean. I felt as if the passes across the floor were really repetitive. He didn't do them badly. I don't know if it was with straight 8's, but I'll give them it. I enjoyed the beginning, but why was Peta wearing pants?

Kellie. That was good. Her hold could have been a bit closer. I thought her dress was a little loose on her back. I'll give them the 9's.

DL. I don't think I've ever seen someone bounce through the tango, foxtrot, yes. I'll give him the scores.

Zendaya. Quick at times, sultry at others. Very good Argentine tango with a lot of different moves. Darn you Len, why not a 10?

Andy. I wasn't feeling the same intensity from Andy as I did from Sasha. And he had trouble with the cape. I'll give him the scores.


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