DWTS season 16: week 7

Latin night. It can be good or bad. There are two dances that can point out weaknesses, samba and rumba. Is Brooke trying to wear the mirror ball? How many did she kill to make that dress?

Jacoby. A few too many places where Karina was spinning around him. It was entertaining but salsa is a club dance, there is technique but that's not the emphasis. I don't think it deserved 9's. The transition between positions were choppy. I'll agree with the scores.

Ingo. Hips were trying to move but were awkward. Too much of him standing in one place. I think he had heel leads in the rumba walks at the beginning.

Kellie. No bounce, she was on straight legs nearly the entire dance. No hips, but the steps didn't allow for it. Too many grapevines. I think Len and Bruno were watching a different dance than me. Too high.

Andy. Similar critique to Ingo. I'll agree with the scores.

Ali. I don't like the color combination of the costumes. That looked like it was thrown together at the last moment. More shaking and shimmying then much of anything else. Too high.

Sean. Same problems and Ingo and Andy.

Zendaya. Interesting choice, but I think she pulled it off. I think she needed to pick her chin up a bit. I think she at least the same scores as Ali and Kellie.

Cha cha dance off. Neither were particularly good. Both were unsure of the steps. I like Sharna's dress. They chose the right couple.

Jive dance off. Zendaya was the better technician. Jacoby once again, walked through the steps with high knees. They chose the right couple.

Rumba dance off. They're even. But I'll give the advantage to ingo.

Sean, Ingo, or Andy could go home tomorrow.


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