Dwts season 16: week 3

Prom week. Apparently DL's fan base is bigger than I thought. The group dance was interesting.

Ali. She swung her arm a little too much during the shadow position. Last week her frame seemed better. I didn't connect with this piece. I guess I'll agree with the scores. I would've gone a tad lower.

Andy. I have an outfit like Sharna's. Sharna danced around him. He did cuban breaks, and that's about it. And the first time he messed up. Too high.

Ingo. He looks like the 9th Doctor Who, Christopher Eccleston, with the leather jacket. I like Kim's dress, except the skirt. There are times when he stands still he loses the style in his body. There are some other strange things about that dance. I'll give it to them.

Lisa. It was a bit jerky, mainly in her arms. it should be fluid. There is no rise and fall in Viennese waltz, not enough time. I guess I'll give them the scores.

Kellie. Lots of kicks and flicks. But other then the drunken sailors there really weren't many other basic jive steps in that routine. I would've scored a little lower.

Victor. It was pretty good, but a lot of lifts, not much else. Unfortunately not a style I can really comment on. Maybe a little high?

DL. Salsa is probably the easiest dance on the show. That was not good. The song didn't help either. I think Carrie Ann is being too generous.

Jacoby. He actually moved his hips in the cucarachas. He could've 'walked' better. At times he looked like he was leaning down to Karina when he shouldn't have. I'll give them the scores.

Wynonna. No bounce, no hips, walking through the promenade runs. Not good. And that song is not a samba. I have to adhere with the scores. Unfortunately.

Sean. How do Peta's tops not fall down in practice? I can't dance in strapless tops. He hopped and didn't close his feet. What were the judges looking at? Too high.

Zendaya. Ah, circles. The main idea that should be your head when dancing a Viennese waltz. It was the best of the night for me. I'll agree with the scores but I don't know if Kellie's jive was better than this.

Lisa, Victor, DL, or possibly Andy may go home. Wynonna's fan base will save her for another few weeks despite not being able to move. Like Cheryl's partner Wayne Newton.


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