DWTS season 16: week 6

Love Stevie.

Zendaya. Not bad. I think she could have kept her knees straighter when she turns. Her walks could have been sharper. Lots of fringe on her dress. I'll give it to her.

Andy. Cute routine, but no visible samba. I think he was scored on entertainment value.

Sean. He was disconnected the whole time. I think he was bouncing on the wrong beat. I could at least recognize the steps. Too high.

Ali. The dress doesn't look good on her. Her back is arched too far, her butt is out causing her stomach to stick out. I guess I'll give her the scores but maybe a bit high.

Ingo. He spent almost the entire dance looking at her. Parts were decent, others not so much. I don't think that song was too tango-ish. I'll give him the score.

Kellie. Her chin needs to be pointed to the ceiling a lot more. I'll give them the scores.

Victor. That was a step, stand rather than a rumba. No hips. I would've scored them lower.

Jacoby. Interesting choreography. Her dress is weird. I'll give them the scores.

Team paso. The song works better as a swing. They were a bit off. Victor was probably the weakest. I guess I'll give them the scores.

Team samba. I could have done without Andy and Sean dancing another samba. They were more in sync but they used simpler moves. I don't think it deserved a nine.

Victor is most likely going home.


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