DWTS Season 19: Week 5

Antonio with Allison. He looked stiff, like he was tensing from trying. Which in turn held him back and base the movements small. I'll give him the scores.

Bethany with mark. Compared to the choreography I see in SYTYCD it was soft hip hop.  Some parts looked a bit odd. It wasn't a bad routine but it didn't do anything for me. At one point I found myself looking at Henry behind the bar. Don't know if it was 8s but she danced better then Antonio.

Jonathan with Peta. I felt he landed a bit flat footed. There was energy but it wasn't always properly placed. Therefore there were places he either went off or just barely made the connection to lift or flip Peta. I'll give him the scores.

Alfonso with Cheryl. Not a style I'm all that familiar with but I think he pulled it off well. He should do well with Paso after this. I'll give him the scores.

Janel with Artem. Definitely sexy. But not what I think of as burlesque. I'll give her the scores.

Michael with Witney. He really is uncoordinated. I agree with the scores.

Tommy with Emma. Way too slow for a mambo. Not very good. I don't know if he should've scored above Jonathan.

Sadie with Derek. She had the body type for that period. Some parts didn't look that much like a 

Charleston but she preformed it well. I don't know if it was 9s.

Lea with Val. It seemed a bit more Jive than Broadway for me bit a good routine. She looked a bit timid though. I agree with the scores.

Can Michael go home next week? Followed by Tommy?


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