DWTS Season 19: Week 4

Welcome to Most Memorable Year night AKA Make You Cry night.

That was one of the more exciting openings. And it was actually choreographed by a ballroom dancer.

Janel. Too staccato for me. I liked the choreography but it could have been executed smoother and she could have used her hips more. A bit too high for me.

Jonathon. No bounce, no hips. Bad samba. Didn't see it from Allison either. I'll agree with the scores. On an unrelated note, his eyebrows bug me for some reason. Too thick?

Betsey. Low energy beginners east coast swing. She messed up a bit and was careful through the rest of the dance. Really slow song. I agree with the 7s.

Bethany. That didn't look much like a rumba. I saw strange hand movements and swivels. Song was fast for a rumba. Too high considering the lack of rumba.

Micheal. He got through it. But seemed very stiff. 6s were generous.

Lea. Very pretty. One or two moments she could've filled up more but that's being picky. Her ballet training came in handy with this dance. Compared to last week's 10s this wasn't in the same league. So a bit high.

Antonio. More content than Jonathon's but just as bad technique-wise. No bounce, no hips, strange body position throughout the dance. I'll give him the 7s. Just barely.

Tommy. Not the best Jive. Flat feet and mess ups galore. 7s are really generous.

Sadie. Cute in certain places but a bit odd. Could've used her hips more in the actual samba. Best samba of the night but the competition was pretty low. Not a 10, 9s are iffy.

Alfonso. Yay! That's all I have to say. I agree with the scores.

And Betsey goes home. Who's voting for Michael?


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