My week

My progress so far on Fantasy Triptych. So happy I get to work with a colors other than gold/brown and "stone".
Started another afhgan. Have to make 98 of these spirals before joining.

Also picked up the cathdral rose window afghan and ran out of gemstone. It's sort of discontinued. Pick up a skein on Ebay, it's close enough even with the longer color changes. Thankfully, it's going to be used on 'heptagons'. I can intersperse the newer yarn with the older and hopefully no one will be able to tell. (kinked yarn in the newer one)

Also started the Leaflines shawlette. I have tried this one twice before and finally am happy with the yarn and color changes. Ideally the color changes wouldn't be quite so long.

Saturday afternoon, there were 3 deer, a mohter and two babies eating mushrooms outside my house. I took a few pictures through the window.

I then went to work. Came home the following morning to this guy walking up the road.

Is this wild creature weekend or something I'm not aware of?


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