DWTS season 19: week 7

Tommy. It was muddy and he seemed to forget some of it. As usual. I notice they didn't mention the break in hold during the dance. Too high.

Lea. It felt careful. It could've used more power, controlled power. It felt like she was walking through it. Not worth 9s.

Bethany. I liked it and her dress. I think she missed a step during a side by side but got caught up. There were moments she could've filled instead of just pausing. I don't know if it was 10s definitely 9s.

Antonio. Not a lot of actual Viennese Waltz. He didn't do much. I agree with the scores.

Michael. Just, no. 5s are generous.

Janel. A tad slow for a Viennese Waltz. But it was interesting. A little low.

Alfonso. She danced around him a lot. I didn't see too much hip action. Technique needs work. I'll give him the scores based on performance.

Sadie. The character didn't work with the dance. She was too loose. I'll give them the scores.

Team dances

Itsy bitsy. Good choice to hide Michael. It helps that tall people usually go in the back. I agree with the scores.

Creepy. It was cute. But the other team was better for me. I agree with the scores.
Why are Michael and Tommy still safe? Granted Antonio is one of the weaker dancers but is better than those two.


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