DWTS season 19: week 6

Jonathan. The lifts were more controlled. But the dance didn't really do anything for me. Maybe I'll agree with the scores.

Janel. A bit of a different samba. Voltes could've used more hips. A few places were a bit too loose. But this was one of the better sambas I've seen this season. I'll agree with the scores.

Tommy. Can I have her dress? The song is a hustle but it wasn't that much of a distraction from the foxtrot. He forgot some of it and was keying off Peta too much. A little too high for me.

Antonio. Why were his knees so bent? I hear samba with this song rather than salsa and at one point it looked like he had the samba bounce. A little too high for me.

Sadie. It was pretty, but she had no hip movement. And the little I saw looked awkward. I agree with Julianne and Bruno on the scores.

Lea. I liked it but felt she was leaning forward with her upper body. The basics looked a little odd to me but that may have been partly her posture. I'll agree with the scores.

Michael. It felt slow and muddy. I also kept hearing American rumba rhythm. I think everyone is over praising him. Too high.

Bethany. Tango was a good dance to have when you have not much rehearsal time. Derek could pull her through the dance if needed. But she did really well. Except for the slip. I'll agree with the scores.

Alfonso. Thank you for a proper looking salsa. With hop hip flair. I agree with the scores.

Why is Michael still safe? At least Val and Janel are safe.


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