Dwts season 20: week 4

Another week another theme.

Nastia. Really cool lifts but that seemed to be all there were. Lifts and tricks. Not that it wasn't pretty. Don't know if it was worth a 10.

Michael. I felt he did a lot of spinning,  running to Peta, and standing in place. There were heel leads. Not worth 8s.

Riker. Not bad. Little frantic and the song was odd for a Tango. Don't know if it was worth 9s.

Robert. Not bad. He's better with ballroom than Latin. Rise and fall was a bit staccato in the middle. 8s yes, 9s no.

Chris. His knees were bent too much. At times he looked uncomfortable and he didn't move much. I agree with Len.

Patti. Once again she didn't do much. It was fun to watch. Too high.

Rumer. I liked it. The song is not really a waltz so it was hard to do much basic. I think that was the first time they didn't use an actual waltz. I'll agree with the scores.

Suzanne. Cute but that's the extent of it. The costume is unflattering. Too high.

Willow. Interesting but it didn't do anything for me. Way too high.

Noah. I understand the emotion behind the dance but it felt too simple. I'll give him the scores.

Other people should have gone home before Michael.


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