Dwts season 20: week 6

Patti. Good for her to keep going with one shoe but there wasn't much Quickstep. Too high.

Nastia. A little too much hopping for me but it was danced well. I'm surprised no one commented on the break in hold but they may have taken off for it. I'll give them the scores.

Willow. I didn't care for it. I think her knees were bent too much. A little high for me.

Robert. That was cute but technique sucked. Too high.

Noah. Unfortunately he didn't really move. Too high.

Rumer. She got a bit out of sync with the girls. But otherwise it was good but there could have been more. I'll give them the scores.

Chris. It felt rough. There isn't a rise and fall in viennese Waltz bit every downbeat he dropped like a rock. Too high.

Riker. Oh look hips! A bit out of control though. I'll give them the scores.

Now for the team dances.

Team yolo. It was cute. Maybe a little high.

Team trouble. I felt like this was better executed even though it showed how week a dancer patti is. Chris was better than her. I agree with the scores.

And Patti finally goes home.


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