SFS2015 - April

Month: April
Spent: 72.44
Earned: 16.54

I finished 2 pages of In the Garden and am almost done with a 3rd.

I finished lots of crocheted items.

I also gained stash.

Halloween Fairy, Sunflower Fairy, and Crystal Tree chart downloads and Lilac Fairy, a Vervaco kit that's been on my wishlist for a while. All from Herrschners.

Also bought yarn for a few projects, including an afghan as a housewarming gift for a friend. Of course while browsing a site I needed to buy one particular yarn from, I found there were only 3 left of this pattern. And the other was just too cute to resist. 

I also won a chart from the Counted Wishes Festival.  I chose Ms. Sable from Blueladie Designs.

And this one was a gift (bribe) from my mom.


  1. Fantastic stitching. Wonderful stash enhancement!


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