Dwts season 20: week 7

It's eras week.

Riker. Cute. Lyrics didn't match the decade though. Seemed a bit compact but that might have been more size of the floor. I agree with the scores.

Chris. Bit heavy on the down of the rise and fall. He looked leaning forward in hold, could have stood up straighter. Despite the improvement he's still the weakest left. I'll give him the scores.

Rumer. chasses could be more defined. It was cute. The song was more a swing then Jive bit the show tends to do that. A little low.

Noah. I felt there wasn't enough movement for the song. Too high.

Robert. He didn't move that much. A few times i think mum didn't execute the moves as well as she could have. A bit high.

Nastia. I enjoyed it but I really don't know Charleston. I also liked the song. I'll give them the scores.

Willow. Odd. I had trouble getting into that one. Too high for me.

Dance off round.

Riker vs. Willow. I give it to Willow for content. Woohoo, called it.

Noah vs. Robert. Neither were very good. Robert for content? Meh. 

Rumer vs. Chris. Rumer, hands down. Not much of a competition.

How are the three weakest dancers safe? I've never particularly cared for Willow but she shouldn't have gone home this week.


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