Dwts season 20: week 5

Cute opening. I can tell what movies they'll each be dancing to by the costumes. Except maybe one.

Suzanne. Even without the mess up, she wasn't doing much. Too high.

Robert. He got out of time at the beginning and a bit in the middle. It seemed a bit slow. I agree with the scores.

Cute Paso interlude.

Patti. Pretty but barely could be considered a waltz. No rise and fall. Too high.

Willow. Nor bad but the music was too dramatic for a foxtrot. Don't know if I'd give it 9s.

Chris. Too careful. Lots of hopping in place almost. Frame fell. Tad too high.

Noah. The focus was on Sharna twirling around him, distracting from his lack of fluidity. But he did well. I'll give him the scores.

Riker. That was good. A bit frantic as the song is more suited to a Viennese Waltz. I agree with the scores. Cute 10 paddles for the week.

Rumer. She lost the bounce a bit but her footwork was correct for the rolls. I agree with the scores.

Nastia. I liked it. I agree with the scores. 

And Suzanne leaves. 


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