DWTS Season 21: week 1

It's back! Yay!

Victor. That was supposed to be a salsa? I didn't see any basics. Looke more like a hip hop video. 5s were being generous but we'll see compared to the rest of the scores.

Tamar. That was fun. She kept up but footwork could be sharper. Also the frame needs work. I'll give them the scores.

Chaka khan. She got lost towards the end. She was having fun but technique was bad. I thought it was better than Victor. I could at least see cha cha. Too low.

Hayes. Knees were bent, too much hip hop. Went off time a bit. Technique was lacking. Odd song. A little high for me.

Andy. She danced around him most of the dance. Jerky rise and fall. He has some potential. A little high for me.

Paula. Better then I thought it would be but not a stand out performance. But I think she'll have trouble with Latin. Ilk give her the scores.

Carlos. That was good. Still room for improvement. I'll give him the scores.

Alexa. Comparable to Carlos. Her chasses need some work. I'll give her the scores.

Kim. Very slow and careful for a salsa. Personality wise, not as horrible as I thought. I don't know I'd give them 4s.

Bindi. That was fun. But she's dancing with Derek, therefore she had to have talent.

Gary. Uh huh... no. Bit high.

Alek. That was unexpected. Could be a little smoother on the rise and fall but good for him.

Nick. Can I grin like a teenager right now? A bit smooth for a cha cha but the best one of the night. I agree with the scores. 

The first week is always interesting. From what I saw the ones that need to go home first are Victor, Chaka, and Gary. There are a lot of good dancers but right now I can't say who'll run away with the competition. Which is probably a good thing.


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