DWTS Season 21: week 2 night 1

Nick. Cute. Bit messy and not as sharp as it could've been. Footwork was muddy at times. I'll give him the scores.

Paula. Better than last week in terms of not being dragged around but I saw heel leads, bent knees, and lack of hips. New yorkers were decent. I guess I'll give her the scores. Bit high for me.

Hayes. Better than last week. He looked more comfortable. Theme didn't really go with foxtrot. I agree with the scores.

Chaka. She walked rather than glided. And she forgot her choreography. I agree with the scores.

Andy. Energy was a bit wild and he was pigeon toed for the flicks. A few too many tricks. A little high for me.

Kim. Much less careful. But very basic and somewhat repetitive for a short Quickstep. Frame needs work. I'll give her the scores.

Alek. It was a lot of lifting lindsay. A little high for me.

Alexa. Couldn't they have gotten leopard foot undez? the white band was odd. More of a street salsa them is usually seen on the show. Every once in a while she looked unsure of what to do with her arms. Story of my life. I'll give her the scores.

Victor. Possibly better than last week but that was a low bar. Too high.

Tamar. Not bad. Technique on new yorkers got worse the more she did. Watch the bent knees. I'll give her the scores.

Gary. Too hoppy. Too high.

Carlos. Very smooth. I liked it. I agree with the scores.

Bindi. Interesting. I think she had her butt out a little. A little high for me.

And going home is Chaka. I would've picked Gary but he may be such a trainwreck he may stay around for a while.


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