DWTS Season 21: week 2 night 2

Hayes. I liked it. But his hips were too far away from her in hold. Made him look like he was leaving forward. I'll give him the scores but maybe a bit high.

Carlos. Knees were bent the entire time. A no no in cha cha. Given his ability they could've danced more. A little high again.

Gary. He looked like he forgot the end. Too high.

Andy. She danced around him a lot and some of the tricks he did felt small. His lines could've been better. I would've gone work 7s.

Alexa. Mostly spins, few steps, and she was leaning forward the entire time. Only time I saw proper hip movement when mark's hand was on her hip. I'll agree with the scores.

Paula. Odd song choice. Which made it an odd tango. Too many pauses and not very sharp. I guess I'll give her the scores.

Bindi. I was having trouble picking out the waltz in that. Felt a bit more Viennese than regular waltz. It was danced well but... I guess I'll give her the scores.

Kim. Decent. She seems to take to ballroom better than Latin. I'll give her the scores.

Alek. Not bad. He looked a little small with his steps on the weaving steps. Almost getting tangled.  I'll give him the scores.

Victor. He didn't do much. Too high for me.

Nick. Nice. I could tell it was a waltz. Rise and fall could've been a bit smoother. I agree with the scores.

Tamar. The one dance I know barely anything about. It was fun. I'll give her the scores.

And Victor goes home. Which is probably for the best before they're forced to do a tango or Quickstep. The height difference would be a real problem for them.


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