DWTS Season 21: week 3

The muppets are funny.

Carlos. Cute. But a bit frantic compared to the lyrical nature of the music. I'll give him the scores.

Paula. Eh. Not very good. Very repetitive and crowded. Scores are generous.

Tamar. I liked it but it seemed to be missing something. She was too stiff, the music had a bit more of a rubber band feel. I agree with the scores.

Alexa. Bit odd. Too high for me.

Cute outro with the male pros and miss piggy.

Andy. Cute. A little awkward. Also a bit repetitive with the actual Quickstep. I'll give him the scores.

Gary. He barely went anywhere. I was more entertained by the 'kids' in the background. Too high for me.

Alek. Very basic tango but done fairly well. A few too many viennese crosses though. I'll give him the scores.

Kim. Feel better.

Bindi. Have they changed the rule that you can't break hold in the middle of Quickstep? They got a little out of sync and she was too straight. I'll give her the scores.

Nick. Very good. Interesting choreography. I agree with the scores.

Hayes. Felt a bit flat footed, maybe from the sneakers. I'll give him the 7s.

And the bottom 2 get a reprieve.


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