DWTS Season 23: Week 8

Welcome to the spookiest theme night of the year.

Cute opening.

Terra. The song isn't really a cha cha. Very slow. I found it hard to concentrate on the dance. She tried to keep her knees straight. A little high for me.

Laurie. I had a smile on the entire time. Very nice. Lost a tiny bit of body contact but they were moving quickly. I agree with the scores.

Marilu. Clearly missed some connections and footwork. She seems to be going downhill. Too high for me.

Calvin. He didn't hunch over this time. But he kept his knees bent to compensate for the height difference. It was a fun dance. I'll give him the scores.

Ryan. Well, he had to move. He walked rather than straddles through the dance. His shoulders were forward. Who keeps coring for him? Too high.

Jana. Well danced, but other than the flower shop, didn't invoke little shop of horrors to me. Didn't feel like jazz either. A little high but I'll give it to her.

James. I liked it. But I think his butt was sticking out. I agree with the scores.

Dance off round.

Laurie vs Calvin. Jive. Calvin was a bit flat footed. Laurie did the better jive. They got it right.

Jana vs Terra. Salsa. Both had their problems. Terra looked like she had the better basic and the energy. Song was odd. Eh.

Marilu vs Ryan. Cha cha. She couldn't remember the steps. He didn't move much and was very flat footed. Unfortunately I have to go with Ryan because he didn't appear to forget his steps.

And Ryan finally goes home. Now can we get Marilu to leave?

Broadway week returns? Yay.


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