DWTS Season 23: Week 5

Two of the right people went home last week.

Now, prepare to cry, for it's 'most memorable year' night.

The entire orchestra was in ballgowns and tuxes?

Maureen. She looked to be leaning forward when in hold. Also didn't look much like a foxtrot, too much on one level. It was pretty, but not what I was expecting from a foxtrot. A little too high for me.

Calvin. Cute. Sometimes he bent over to partner Lindsay. The lifts sometimes made me think she was going to end up on the ground. A little high for me.

Jana. Cute kid. I liked it. I'll give her the scores.

Ryan. Kinda the same thing over and over. Dance by the numbers. Too high for me.

Laurie. Intense but not stiff. I liked it. She had a little trouble with some of the turns at the beginning. I agree with the scores

Marilu. Very pretty, simple. I like the dress. I'll give her the scores.

Amber. No hips, no bounce, barely a samba. Too high for me.

James. First off, ouch. I liked it, but he looked hunched in the shoulders. Am I the only one seeing that? I agree with the scores.

Terra. First one that made me a little teary. She's easy to pickup. I agree with the scores.


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