DWTS Season 23: Week 4

The correct person went home last week. Now onto Cirque Du Soleil night.

Calvin. That was fun. They didn't always match. There were some pauses to make sure he didn't stop her. Props to the steampunk theme. I'll give him the scores.

Maureen. The bird was distracting. It felt too careful for me. She looked like she was concentrating in the steps to much rather than dancing with Artem. I don't know what the judges were seeing. Too high.

Jana. Pretty. A little lacking for me. I guess I'll give her the scores but a tad high. But still better then Maureen for me.

Marilu. She didn't have the posture in the hips correct. A bit too paso by the numbers for me. Too high.

Amber. That's the most comfortable I've seen her. It was also a connected argentine tango. I agree with the scores.

Ryan. Probably his best dance. But his feet still need work. Posture slumped a bit at times. Viennese waltz is very simple so it's easy to work on other elements. I'll give him the scores. Maybe not the 8.

Babyface. Odd music for a tango. It underwhelmed. He looked hunched. I agree with the scores.

Terra. Parts looked okay. But samba is hard to get technique right. She walked/ got pulled around at the end. Too high for me.

Laurie. Fun. Very mj esque. I agree with the scores.

Vanilla ice. Not bad. Lost it a bit at points. A little high for me.

James. Sharna's dress reminds me of Jessica rabbit. It lost a bit of steam at the end. I'll give him the scores.

Double elimination tomorrow night. There are a bunch of them at about the same level for me.


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