DWTS Season 24: Week 8

Yay, pro opening! 

Rashad. Fun. But flat footed which made it feel very heavy. Too high based on his feet.

Normani. It was good. I felt her hair was preventing me from seeing her expression. I agree with the scores. 

Bonner. There were places where he seemed to not know what came next for just a beat.  He just stopped, which made me come out of the performance. Too high. 

Simone. A bit fast for a foxtrot. I would've done cha cha to that song. Wasn't too much foxtrot until the end. It was ok. A bit high for me. 

David. Probably his best dance. Still some suspect footwork. I'll give him the scores. 

Trio round

Rashad. I liked it. Props to the lighting crew. I almost think he needs a higher heel to help with the flat feet. I'll give him the scores. 

Normani. That was good. Thank you for two shirtless men by the end. Cute cameo by Bonner at the end. I disagree with Len. 

Bonner. He really didn't did much... Too high. 

Simone. It felt busy to me. She tried and mostly succeeded in matching Britney. I'll give her the scores. 

David. He looked like he ran though that rather than be strong with his movement. The technique wasn't right. Too high. 

Going home is Bonner. While David was better tonight, why is he still in? 


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