DWTS Season 24: Week 7

Nice opening. The guys look very nice in tuxes. 

Bonner. Story was cute. But I really didn't feel Paso from that. Too high. 

Nancy. I want the dress. I think she could've tucked her butt under more in hold.  I'll give her the scores but a bit high. 

Simone. Cute. I agree with the scores. 

Nick. He was sticking his butt out too much. He tried to channel Maks but it didn't work at times. Some connections looked fumbled. Too high. 

Rashad. The first Paso tonight that sounded and looked like a Paso. A few weird things but I could attribute it to being a zombie. Too high. 

David. Very stiff through the entire dance. No hips. Way too high. 

Norman. Why are they using an American rumba for an Argentine tango? The dance was good, but the music has been off tonight. I agree with the scores. 

Dance off 

Simone vs Nancy. Cha cha. Simone was sharper but didn't actually do as much cha cha at the beginning. I agree with the decision. 

Rashad vs David. Jive. Both need to work on the kicks and flicks but Rashad is the better overall dancer. I agree with the decision. 

Bonner vs Nick. Rumba. Neither had any hip action. Bonner seemed to do a little more actual rumba. I agree with the decision. 

And the people leaving are Nancy and Nick   

Why is David still safe? 


  1. Great comments, as always. But rumba music is very commonly used for Argentine Tango dancing. I have a great instrumental rendition of "Amado Mio", which is a classic rumba, and it absolutely drips of Argentine tango. I'll send it to you.


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