DWTS Season 24: Week 9

Judges challenge 

Normani. I want her dress. It was good. And they got a good song. A little low. 

David. He's still stepping through it and was a bit jerky. He could've been smoother with all his movements. Butt was under better but it still stuck out a bit at times. Too high. 

Yay! Pro dance. Although I've never heard of the singer or the song... Need to listen to more radio. 

Simone. That looked like she was having fun. She looked like she was a little off balance but I blame the boots. I'll give her the scores. 

Rashad. While he led Emma, he pretty much stayed in one place. I didn't see much hip action. His foot placement and technique still need a lot of work. Not worth 10s. 

I was expecting a bit more ballroom from Cheryl. 

Round 2

Normani. That was fun. A lot of lindy hop in the jazz routine though... I agree with the scores. 

David. His butt was out again. He looked flat footed during the dance. Too high for me. 

Artun's facial expressions were a bit odd during that dance. 

Simone. It was ok. Hips went in and out of use. Too high for me. 

Rashad. Better feet but there were a lot of steps. The smile was a little too bright. I'll give him the scores. 

And going home is Simone. What? Why is David still in it? 


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