DWTS Season 24: Week 10 Night 2

Last episode of the season. Who will bring home the mirrorball?

Simone. That was a short little dance.

Heather is probably the only female celebrity that could've blended in with that routine. Maybe normani. Heather should be in the finale. 

I have no idea who this singer is. I liked the dance. 

Love seeing the boys dancing. Although it could've used more Maks. 

Thankfully Charo and Mr T. didn't dance during that number. 

Bonner. He seemed a little stiff but seemed to match the boys better than the last time. 

Nancy. Still no bounce. She also seemed to get a little lost on the battucatas.

That was a silly produced piece. Hehe. 

Nick. Still not enough hips. 

David. Still a bit of an uncomfortable routine.


Charo. Thankfully her guitar playing is better than her dancing. 

Yay. Another pro dance. 

Rashad. How did he not clean up his footwork? 

Heather. I said it earlier. She should've been in the finale. 

Still have no idea who that singer is. 

Now one republic I've heard of. Gleb and Sharna were hot. 

Normani. Len and Bruno joined them and Brno was having too much fun. And Bruno got a 3 and a 4 from our hosts. 

Simone. She still seems to defy gravity with some of those tricks. 

Another band I've heard of. And awesome country inspired dance from our pros. 

Weird music video with Mr. T. 

I love Tom. 

Should I enjoy the remake of dirty dancing? I feel like it's a classic they shouldn't have touched. 

The fusion dances are here. 

David. Foxtrot/salsa. They looked out of sync on the 2nd salsa part. Still the weakest dancer of the 3. Too high. I would've given 7s at best. 

Normani. Argentine tango/foxtrot. Good as usual. I agree with the scores. 

Rashad. Cha cha/tango. His footwork was messy. The tango felt like it was walked through. I saw a heel lead in the locksteps. Too high for me. 

In 3rd place is Normani. What? 

And the winner is Rashad. I can accept it. 


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