And the dress is done.

I promised pictures and I have them. Two at least. I'll eventually get action shots but for now you can imagine what happens when I spin. I do have long gauntlets/gloves that I wear with the dress but I forgot to put them on before taking the pictures. I had a long day at the competition, started at 10:30am didn't finish until probably 10:30pm. 61 dances, smooth and latin. Placed top 3 in all except one where I placed 4th. I'm not usually that tan and it still hasn't completely come off. And the white part of my french manicure is now a bit brown as well. I completely forgot to pick up the DVD I had asked to be taped and now will have to figure out how to get a hold of it. Overall I managed to win $600. Not anywhere near enough to cover the costs but more than I've won previously and should give my credit card a nice relief for next month.

I had mentioned due to preparation for the competition, I wouldn't have much time for stitching. I was correct. Not much got done on 'cats...' but I did manage to finish the top half of the design.

Dancing with the stars tomorrow and that means another round of my opinions on the dancing, scores, and outfits. This week it's quickstep and jive. Both very tiring dances, especially when done as the last of five.


  1. The dress looks awesome Katie! Fabulous! And well done in the comp- top three in almost all areas? Way to go !!!!!!! Fantastic!!!! Woo Hoo!!!!

  2. Wow! Great dress. Glad you did well in the competition. Some progress on your stitching is better than no progress.

  3. The dress is fabulous Katie and toi be placed in the top 3 is great work. Well done

  4. Beautiful dress and wow! Congrats on your finishes, that's amazing!

  5. Absolutely stunning dress. I LOVE it!!! Great job, Katie. And grats on the placements. You did great!! (I would be so exhausted by the end of the day, I would have just slept in the dress, lol.) Grats on your stitchy progress too. You just did a great job all the way around!!

  6. WOW!!! That dress is amazing!!!!


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