Update time.

The larger stones I ordered came Monday so I spent most of the week adding them to my dress. Sparkly aren't they? 16mm square Swarovski crystals in crystal AB. I spent most of the week adding them to the dress. I have a solid row at the top and bottom of the dress and skipping every other one in the middle. I did this because I didn't know if I'd have enough to fill them in completely. Turns out I did but my teacher liked it that way. He currently has the dress and gauntlets to stone (hey, he offered) and I unfortunately didn't take a picture of the dress before I gave it to him. Well, better to surprise you when it's finished. Although he's gotten it in his head for me to make another dress, same design but different colors by mid-June. Right... First I'm doing the black velvet to go with that belt I have and I still have the sparkly blue/silver sequined dress to make. Just a little under two weeks until Tri-state. Eek!

Because I finished stoning the dress early, I spent the rest of the free time working on cats, cats, cats. Which allowed me to get more done then I had thought I would. The top portion is done and I'm currently working on the rectangular motif beneath the two floral print kitties. On either side of that one are two motifs that are mostly back stitching as is the one directly below that. I should hopefully be working on the three ones in the center fairly quickly.


  1. Looking good Katie. I can't wait to see the dress. Grats on all the progress (on both projects).

  2. Stones are pretty. Your cats design is coming along.


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