Cats, cats, cats

This is the name of the next cross-stitch I'll be working on. I was pretty tired Thursday evening and wanted one I didn't kit myself. Thus no searching through my floss bags if I ran out. This probably won't hold my attention until its finished.

I've gotten the dress finished. I cut all loose fringe that wouldn't make the overall dress look odd and hand sewed the ones that would. My square stones will hopefully arrive tomorrow and most of my night will be spent sewing those onto the dress. I really should go downstairs and finish up the gauntlets. I have them cut out but haven't quite gotten around to actually making them. Playing with my serger tension is part of it. They're mesh so the test scrap isn't running through like the lycra. I may just use my normal machine and see what happens.


  1. Cute WIP. Will be watching your progress.

  2. Glad you've picked another stitchy piece to do, Kate. And I can't wait to see you wearing the dress!!!


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