Dwts season 14 week 2 performance

Tonight is quick step and jive. Quickstep is a standard dance so I don't know too much personally but I've seen it done enough in competition that I know what it should look like combined with my own smooth experience.

Roshon. Song's tempo is compatible to a competition but not for the pros. Maybe bronze/silver pro/am. Dance wasn't too bad but was too jerky for my taste for the quick step. sure, it's fast but it's still smooth. Maybe scored a little too high but we'll see how the others stack up. Liked her dress.

Sherri. Glad they didn't show the song down but I've barely seen any jive. Lots of shaking, not much else. Entertaining but no content, and not much technique on what I did see. Also lost contact before a trick. Dress worked for the jive. Scored too high for what I saw.

Melissa. Frame needs work. looks too loose. Kept up with the choreography, not that find of the dress. Like the lines they hit. I will mention it should be easier to dance in hold with hips against each other and the women's head back farther instead of both standing straight. I've yet to really see that position out of anyone on the show. Boo on Len for the score.

Jack. He gave me the impression he was trying too hard. Kicks and flicks were pretty bad. Very odd dance. Liked Anna's dress. Color scheme is a bit odd. I'll give them the scores on content if not execution.

Gladys. Song is not a quickstep. This is the type of song they use for qs that I just wonder what the heck the producers are thinking. Overall pretty slow. The quick parts weren't so bad, at least looked more like a qs. but most of it looked like an old couple dancing at a wedding. like the style of the dress but not the fabric. I'll agree with the scores.

Katherine. i really like this song. ooh pink shoes. I liked the dance but thought she could pick up her knees a bit more during the chasses. She looted like she was having fun. Scores were deserved.

Jaleel. His hops are too up. Jive is supposed to be into the floor, strangely it's a down 'jump' despite what it looks like. do not pick your front foot off the floor during a back rock step, ever. The song is more east coast swing rather then jive. Not quick enough, run away baby would hanger been a better choice. Cute outfits. I agree with the scores.

Maria. Like the song. Lost synchronization near the end. I like Derek's choreography. She managed it pretty well. I'm surprised Carrie Ann didn't call a lift with that one jump in the corner. Once again she was standing straight. Do not like her dress. I understand the theme but still didn't like it. The 9 was high.

Martina. Hair style and outfit are not flattering on her. She unfortunately lost the entire kick sequence both times and didn't do much better with the parts she managed to do. song was slow. I hate plaid so I hate Tony's pants. I have a feeling they're going to go home. Poor tony.

Donald. Cute dress. Decent qs. Not too find of the song. It was clean and precise. He was enjoying himself. I agree with the scores.

Gavin. Goods song but he looks uncomfortable. He's barely moving and his kicks are muddy. Jerky in the arms. I do like Karina's dress. lose the hat Gavin. Scored a bit high.

William. Cheryl's dress is a bit odd. Better than I thought it would be. He did screw up the foot work a tad. I think his shoulders were bouncing near the end. I would've given 8's.


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