Dwts season 14: week 1 performance

Yay! It's back on! Onto my opinions of the dances and other tidbits.

Maria. The laugh's already getting on my nerves and it's only 2 minutes into the show. Lots of poses and dips. Probably to hide the fact that her technique is not there. Yes, I know it's week 1 but she didn't do much footwork. I saw 2 lock steps that didn't move anywhere and that's about it. The dress was good for the cha cha. Liked the color. 7's are ok but a little high based on lack of content.

Jack. not bad but heavy on his down steps. Did not like the song. She did use time at the beginning so he wouldn't have to dance as long. But overall not bad. More content than maria's dance but it's harder to fake the foxtrot. 8,7,8. Still a little high but I'll let him have it.

Donald. Entertaining, can move, needs to watch his feet, little pigeon toed. Pretty good song. I wonder how he'll do with the ballroom dances rather then latin. more content than maria but lots of funky moves. 7's. Ok.

Gavin. Interesting choreography. Bit hunched over. She did a good job of hiding the clunkyness I saw in the rehearsal package. He wasn't smooth, bit jerky. Not fond of the outfits. Scored a little too high.

Roshon. Best cha cha (for what was there) I've seen so far but a lot of hip hip movement used. Entertaining and I do like that song. But the cha cha is supposed to be sharp. Maybe a little high in the scoring department.

Sherri. I do not consider this song a foxtrot. She's also wearing a standard dress for a dance they do in the smooth style. Not too much in hold. Lots of poses. Didn't move too much. I do like the dress' color.

Melissa. Pretty good. Most content I've seen. But then Maks is a purist. If he can get away with making your so it, he will put it in the choreography. Love my Maks. Little biased in this department. Looks promising for the season. Scored too low. should've been at least all 7's.

William. Good looking. definitely played up the sex in the routine. Had some hip action. Feet look heavy. Cheryl did most of the work in the routine. Strange dress on her. Too high a score for what he did.

Martina. much better song. Poor Tony though. She looks uncomfortable with her arms and the steps. I like the dress. Too closed for my liking on me. Scored too high compared to other dances.

Katherine. Probably the smoothest foxtrot of the night. I liked it. Simple and elegant. I like the dress. Possible style for my next smooth dress? I agree with the scores.

Gladys. Much better than I thought she'd be but she's picking her feet up too much when taking steps. you can't be quick when you do that. Like the dress. Fringe helps hide lack of hip movement because it doesn't take much to make it move. She was having fun quick is always good. A bit too high of scores but I'll let it side on this one.

Jaleel. Song is more suited for standard foxtrot but it works with this choreography. Smooth movement but his legs were a little too far apart in certain places. Minor detail. Best male foxtrot of the night. I'm conflicted on her dress though. I like parts of it, others not so much. Scores were on par.

In danger, maria our jack based on dance, Katherine based on fan base.


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