More fabric added to my stash and fashion designs

I broke down and ordered more fabric for my stash. It's a bit on the expensive side but I think it'll be worth it when it arrives. There's a European ballroom dress designer that I found while searching dress designs for inspiration (more on that a bit later). Farale sells one-off fabric sets with a design. I gave in and bought this design with all the fabric needed:

I know it's not a picture of the actual fabric but I really like the design and it'll be one of a kind fabric. It's also called 'animal print' and given my favorite pattern is leopard...

I also got the following fabrics from them as I found the pretty/intriguing.
The last fabric (stretch satin) is going to be used for godets in a smooth gown. I just need to buy coordinating fabrics later.

I also signed up for a 'speakeasy tour' of NYC's garment district to be held in late September. This tour is given by Mimi of Shop The Garment District. I believe this will help me find various coordinating fabrics (and some new ones) for my quickly growing stash. I also need to keep an eye out for fabrics to use with those vogue patterns I bought the other day.

Lastly, I bought a book that I believe will help me for a few things.
1. Help with drawing designs for dresses rather than looking at pictures from other designers. (I have collected these on a clipix board. One for latin one for smooth)
2. Drawing people, which in turn may be very helpful if I decide to turn my sketches into cross-stitch patterns.


  1. I love your new fabbies, Katie. They're lovely. And the blue and white stretch satin is my favorite. Lovely!!! Good luck with the drawing. I have no artistic talent at all, lol. Which is fine, as I don't have artistic inspiration either.


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