Stitching done on Dew Drop Fairy

I've completed all cross-stitching and backstitching on Dew Drop Fairy. I've started beading it and have 1/8 of the border done already. Oh, and after being very frugal with my last bit of sparkly purple, I had just enough. Phew. If anyone decides to stitch this design, best to buy two spools as precaution.

I discovered a while ago while working on a Chatelaine, that the cases the SD cards come in are very good for beads. The pop mechanism allows me to open it minimally in my hand without worrying the beads will go flying. My old job got tons of them and we ended up throwing most of them away. I kept a bunch.


  1. She is lovely! Can't wait to see her all beaded up! Getting ready to happy dance for your finish!

    Melissa J.

  2. Congratulations I am sure you will get the beading done in no time

  3. She's beautiful, Katie. I love her. And glad you found something good to hold the beads in. I need to find something like that!!


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