The Arab Tent

Monday night I picked out of my closet for different projects I could work on. Peacock Tapestry, The Accolade, The Arab Tent, and my insanity piece. On Peacock Tapestry, I didn't feel like ripping out the mistake I made 9 years ago last night. (Eek, is it really that long since I was a freshman in college?) On my insanity piece, I wanted to cut the dangling threads from the old fabric to reuse with my new fabric, but I didn't feel like doing that either. And for some reason, I couldn't find the thread and chart to The Accolade. I had one page which was not with the rest of it. So Arab Tent it was. It probably won't keep my attention that long since it's mainly brown. I also decided to try out one of the gold plated needles I bought. Let's see how long it takes before these wear down. I remember using a new needle for every page or so. Here's the before and after picture of a week of stitching, I'm working on page 5. Can anyone spot the monkey?

While looking everywhere I could think of for The Accolade, I decided I really need to organize that craft closet of mine (see this post for pictures). I need to get another storage box, or rather a stack of them, preferably clear, so I can see the yarn/fabric in them. The organizing will take place tomorrow. Wish me luck.


  1. Wow, amazing work on this piece. I'm interested to know how far you'll get this time. :)


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