New stash

Sunday, I order items to add to my stash. I needed another spool of Kreinik #4 braid in Purple Passion to finish Dew Drop Fairy so I added a chart to my order since shipping was half the price of the spool. Fire Dance by Kustom Krafts.
In addition, I had started off the day by holding up the pattern pieces for an existing pattern to my dress form to see if there were any major alterations needed. Thankfully, I saw none. Of course this led to me looking at patterns online. Which led to the last day of a 4.99 sale of vogue patterns which led me to getting the following:
The stuffed animals were too cute to pass up.

Now patterns led to looking through fabric as I do have a black satin which at the moment is to be used as godets on a smooth gown. Of course I don't know if I should pair it with a solid color, a floral print, or something else. I may have black velvet left over from the latin dress I really should start making. I ended coming across these fabrics:
I prefer the blue but the pink/gold would pair better with the black. I haven't ordered them as I prefer to see my fabrics.

I decided earlier I need a new smooth dress. My current one is the red one that I posted pictures of in March. As much as I love that dress, I just saw a picture from a recent competition and the 6 finalists were either wearing red or dark pink. My dress would have a hard time standing out on that floor.

Suggestions for fabric pairings or designs are welcome. With my dance teacher leaving, I may have also lost his input. I have to see if he's still willing to help. If he is, I may have to drag him to the garment district next time I go fabric stashing, I mean shopping.


  1. Congrats on all the new stash! Fire Dancer looks amazing, I can't wait to see you start it :)



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