Season 15 All Stars Cast Announcement

Yay! Dancing With the Stars is back again. The cast has been announced, time for my opinions and my thoughts on who the pro partners will be. Although the DWTS site has 12 pros listed, they won't announce the partnerships until August especially since there's still one more celebrity that will cause one more pro to be needed.

Apolo Ohno. I like him. He was the best of his season but it's been several years since he was on and now he has some competition.
Original partner: Julianne
Most likely to be with: Julianne (if she comes back this season, probably not and maybe only if Lacey doesn't dance with Kyle should he be voted in.)
Alternate: Chelsea

Bristol Palin. Why? Yes she got far, but she couldn't dance, wasn't very entertaining, and I'm not sure who actually liked her.
Original partner: Mark
Most likely:

Drew Lachey. Very likable. Will he still have the same chemistry with Cheryl? Well he have a different partner as she also danced with Gilles and Emmitt. He may be a bit rusty.
Original partner: Cheryl
Most likely: Cheryl
Alternate: Anna

Emmitt Smith. Let's see if he still has what it takes, he most likely will get a current partner which may change the game a bit.
Original partner: Cheryl
Most likely: Peta
Alternate: Anna

Gilles Marini. Welcome back eye candy, one who can dance too. Like Emmitt, most likely will not have Cheryl.
Original partner: Cheryl
Most likely: Karina
Alternate: Peta

Helio Castroneves. I know he won, but Mel was the better dancer that season.
Original partner: Julianne
Most likely: Anna
Alternate: Karina

Joey Fatone. He's been dancing in the Vegas show, so he's probably not as rusty as some other stars. As I haven't seen the show, I wonder if some of the problems he had during his initial season have been corrected.
Original partner: Kym
Most likely: Kym
Alternate: Cheryl

Kelly Monaco. Season one's winner. This should be interesting, her original partner had only been on one other season and is probably not going to be back. Plus it's been a while and she only had five other constants in her season.
Original partner: Alec
Most likely: Derek

Kirstie Alley. The only star I know that took lessons after the season finished.
Original partner: Maks
Most likely: Maks
Alternate: Val

Melissa Rycroft. For a last minute replacement, she did very well, the ballet background helped. Let's see how much she remembers.
Original partner: Tony
Most likely: Tony
Alternate: Derek

Pamela Anderson. I heard she did the version in Israel. (How?) She was not the best dancer of her season.
Original partner: Damien
Most likely: Tristan
Alternate: Val

Shawn Johnson. I know she recently messed up her knee, although better, it caused her not to be able to compete at the Olympics this year. It may give her trouble later on given the demanding nature of the show.
Original partner: Mark
Most likely: Mark (unless Sabrina is voted in)
Alternate: Derek

Voters choice.
Sabrina Bryan. Dance wise I've choose her, gone too soon to see what she could really do. But she does have extensive dance training as was evident in her initial short run. She's also been in the Vegas show.
Original partner: Mark
Most likely: Mark
Alternate: Derek

Carson Kressley. As bad a dancer as he is, he's entertaining, would rather see him in the cast over Bristol. Also had been doing Vegas.
Original partner: Anna
Most likely: Anna
Alternate: Lacey or Karina

Kyle Massey.Yet another star who's been doing the Vegas show (sense a trend here?)
Original partner: Lacey
Most likely: Lacey (they might as well bring her back)
Alternate: Chelsie


  1. I find it interesting that Cheryl has so many of her old partners returning. Is that a testament to her teaching skills or her choreography I wonder?


    1. It could be. But the fact that the producers gave her those partners in the first place may have something to do with it. Too many factors to completely say.

  2. It'll be interesting to read your reviews, Katie. I can't watch, cause my TV's on the fritz. Dumb thing, lol.


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